2cd Highlights World Brass Band Championships 2017

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Highlights of the World Championships for Brass band 2017
Double cd

CD 1:
1. Le Corsair (Hector Berlioz)      8’06
Manger Musikklag (N), conductor: Allan Withington
2. Tracing Time (Oliver Waespi) Testpiece Concert Division  17’26
Brassband Willebroek (B), conductor: Frans Violet (World champion)
3. Aristotles Air (Chris Bond)      3’55
National Band of New Zealand, conductor: Nigel Weeks
4. A Tale as yet Untold (Philip Sparke)     18’10
Brass Band Treize Etoiles (CH), conductor: James Gourlay
5. American Rhapsody (Tom Davoren)     14’28
Brass Band Buizingen (B), conductor: Luc Vertommen
Euphonium soloists: Glenn Van Looy
6. A Lenda do Curupira (Stephan Hodel)      16’35
Brassband Pro Rege (NL), conductor: Anne van den Berg

CD 2:
1. Celebration (Ben Hollings)      5’30
Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band (UK), conductor: Erik Janssen
2. Dances and Arias (Edward Gregson) Testpiece 1st Division  13’17
Brassband Oefening en Uitspanning (NL), conductor: Anno Appelo
3. The 39th Parallel (Peter Graham)     14’15
National Band of New Zealand, conductor: Nigel Weeks
4. Purcell Variations (Kenneth Downie) Testpiece 2nd Division  13’19
Chr. Brassband Gloria Deï, Gerkesklooster (NL), conductor: Piet van der Heide
5. Introduction and Variations on ‘Dies Irae’ (Jan de Haan) Testpiece 3rd Division 13’21
Geref. Brassband Groningen (NL), conductor: Jan Werkman 
6. The Turing Test (Simon Dobson)     19’10
Brassband Willebroek (B), conductor: Frans Violet

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