dvd The Best of Marching Bands - WMC 2013

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DVD compilation of the best marching and marching parades at WMC 2013.

video impression: https://youtu.be/LnvH0f_CJ-Y

The Best of Marching Bands

Marching Parade World Division
Top 3 Full March:
  1. Drum- en Showfanfare Advendo, Sneek 
  2. Pasveer Leeuwarden 
  3. Showband Takostu, Stiens

Marching Contest World Division
Top 5 Full March:
  1. Show and Marchingband K&G, Leiden 
  2. Show, Marching and Concertband Flora Band, Rijnsburg
  3. Drum- en Showband Adest Musica, Sassenheim
  4. Drum- en Showfanfare DVS, Katwijk
  5. Rijnmondband, Schiedam

Compilation Marching Contest

* High Camera:
  1. Drum- en Showfanfare Advendo Sneek (MP) 
  2. Pasveerkorps Leeuwarden (MP)
  3. Show and Marchingband K&G, Leiden (March)
* Award Ceremony
* Trailer WMC 2013
* Credits