TRAVELER - Portugese Symphonic Wind Band

500.179 WWM
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The Portugese Symphonic Wind band
conductor: Francisco Ferreira

Winning concert WMC Dutch Open 2011

During the 60th anniversary of WMC the Portugese Symphonic Wind band made a stunning impression. The youthful orchestra that its action by a (false) fire alarm had to interrupt, brought the audience supreme mood with her passionate concert. The jury rewarded this with a record score of 98 points and the Portuguese wrote the Open Dutch Championships in her name. According to experts labeled as historical concert is now also to listen on CD with the following works:

Rites (Jean Absil):
1. Pour saluer l’aurore (5'47);
2. Pour conjurer les esprits (4'03);
3. Pour fêter le soleil (4'08)
4. Traveler (14'22) (David Maslanka)
5. Flashback (7'06) (Daniel Moreira) Soloist: Sergio Carolina, Tuba
Sinfonia Hamlet (Santiago Quinto Serna):
6. I. Apparition (6'55);
7. II. Monolog (6'45);
8. III. Insanity (11'25)