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The Amsterdam Staff Band & Altena Brass

Premier Brass is nowadays a well-known yearly concert for the Brass lovers in The Netherlands. The Amsterdam Staff Band (ASB) invites every year a brass band to perform a concert with. In the past years a lot of top bands, like Soli Brass, De Waldsang, Brass Band Schoonhoven, Brassband Rijnmond a.o. joined the ASB. In 2011 Altena Brass was invited. A surprising and diverse repertoire was programmed:

Amsterdam Staff Band conducted by Olaf J. Ritman:
1. In His joyful service (William Broughton); 2. Secret prayer (Erik Leidz√®n); 3. Before His throne (Olaf J.Ritman) - Euphonium: Michel Rosenquist; 4.  The Present Age (Leslie Condon);
Altena Brass conducted by Jan Gerrit Adema:
5. Vitae Lux (Frode Alnaes, arr.: Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen); 6. Requiem (David Bedford); 7. Tango  (Gavin Higgins) - Euphonium: Kobus Verheij; 8. Red Morning Star & Bucimis (Trad. arr.: Frode Rydland)
Massed bands:
9. Torch of freedom (Eric Ball); 10. Hymn for Diana (Joseph Turrin); 11.  Call of the Righteous (Leslie Condon)