MADE IN BELGIUM - Belgian Guides

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Anniversary album of The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides conducted by Jan Van der Roost.

The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides was created 175 years ago. For this anniversary album, the band invited as guest conductor Jan Van der Roost, no doubt the Belgian wind band composer with the largest international emanation during the last fifteen years. He compiled in co-operation with François De Ridder a program with compositions by renowned and internationally appreciated Belgian wind band music composers from past and present. In this way, the Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides remains faithful to its target to defend steadily the Belgian wind band music.

1. MARTENIZZA (Piet Swerts); 2. GUERNICA (Jan Hadermann); SINFONIETTA (Jan Van der Roost): 3. 2nd movement: THE SWORD DANCE, 4. 3rd movement: NIGHTFALL BY THE RIVER, 5.4rth movement: TOWARDS THE FUTURE; 6. IL SIGNOR BROSSINI (Dirk Brossé); 7. PETITE SUITE (Jean Absil); 8. LA PRIERE (Paul Gilson / Juri Briat); 9. REMINISCENCIA GITANA (André Waignein); 10. CAPRICCIO (Marcel Poot); 11. FRIENDSHIP'S HYMN (Alain Crepin); 12. CONCLUSION (Jan Segers)