500.148 WWM
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Banda Sinfonica CIM de Mislata conducted by Andres Valero-Castells

By the occasion of the 100 years anniversary of Banda Sinfonica CIM de Mislata, the band compiled an interesting live cd recording. Unique is the world premiere composition Africana' by conductor of the band Andres Valero-Castells. This composer was inspired by a performance of the group “The drums of Burundi”, because of the rhythmical strength of its dances and rhythms and also by the fact that it consisted of members of the two rival ethnic groups (Hutus and Tutsis). The audience seemed as hypnotized by the sound of those drums.
Other compositions: 'Iridiscencias Sinfónicas' (Amando Blanquer), 'Polifemo' (Andrés Valero-Castells) and Sinfonía nº2 Cumbres (Leonardo Balada). A recording which will be pleased by the Spanish wind music lover.