WWM 500 141
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A double CD over 150 min. high quality live recordings recorded at WMC. A big part of the compositions is filled with typical British brass band composers (Sparke and Wilby) and with the performances of top soloists Bert Van Thienen (cornet) and Stef Pillaert (euphonium) this recording earns the title The Best of Brass.

Brass Band Willebroek conducted by Frans Violet became a real “competition and concert band”, participating in prestigious international brass band contests and festivals several times a year. By their impressive list of prizes and successes the band may pointed as leading brass band. Indeed BBW won the local National Brass Band Championships no less than fifteen times, was Vice World Champion in 2005 and won the European Brass Band Championships in 1993, 2006 and 2007.

CD 1: 1. Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke); 2. Music for a moving Image (Philip Wilby) 3. A Tribute to Henk Badings (Rob Goorhuis); 4. Gaudete (K. Norbury); 5. Sea Pictures (Philip Sparke)
CD 2: 1. Intrada” Ein feste Burg” (Ray Farr); 2. Jubilee (Paul Drury); 3. Symphonic Variants for Euphonium and Band (James E. Curnow) Soloist: Stef Pillaert, euphonium; 4. On with the Motley (Leoncavallo/Arr. R. Farr), Soloist: Bert Van Tienen, soprano cornet; 5. Sosban Fach (G. Wood); 6. Shine as the Light (Peter Graham); 7. Caprice (Ray Woodfield), Soloist: Stef Pillaert, euphonium; 8. Cloudcatchers Fells(J. McCabe); 9. Reunion and Finale from Gettysburg (R. Edelmann / arr. A. Duncan)

Live recorded at: Concert Kerkrade 2005, World Brass Band Championships 2005, World Music Contest 2001, World Music Contest 1997