Symphonic Wind Orchestra St. Michael Thorn

St. Michael Thorn Wind Orchestra is widely considered as one of the world's finest community wind orchestras. Over and over again, critics have lauded its unique velvet and dark sound, which clearly stands out among many others.

St. Michael was established in 1863 in Thorn, a Dutch village with a flourishing cultural life. The orchestra is highly active within the Netherlands and abroad, and received countless 1st prizes in both national- and international competitions. The orchestra has won the 1st prize at the Kerkrade World Music Contest (WMC) three times with the highest number of points. On May 26th 2018 the orchestra won the European Championship in Brussels with a record score of 97,92 points.

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4cd REMEMBRANCE - St. Michael Thorn

500.211 WWM

2cd CELEBRATION - St. Michaël Thorn

500.210 WWM

cd+dvd COSMIC WINGS - St. Michael Thorn

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2cd COLOURS - Symphonic Wind Orchestra St. Micheal Thorn

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