500.198 WWM
  • Beschrijving

The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guids
Yves Segers, dirigent

1.  Liberation March (Simon Poulain)       4’32
2.  March of the 1st Battalion Heavy Tanks (Karel Torfs)     3’32
3. March of the 8th Artillery Regiment  (Franz Wangermée)    3’17
4. March of the 2nd Carabineers Regiment (Arthur Prevost)    4’31
5. March of the 4th Grenadiers Regiment (Gaston De Hauwere)    4’27
6.  March of the 4th Riflemen Regiment (Frans Aveau)     3’14
7. March of the 14th Regiment of the Line (Charles Léonard)    3’24
8. March of the 16th Regiment of the Line (Florent Mees)    3’25
9. March of the 18th Regiment of the Line  (Alphonse Courtain)    4’29
10. March of the 19th Regiment of the Line (Émile Étienne)    3’28
11. March of the 22nd Regiment of the Line (Jean Moortgat)    4’25
12. March of the 23rd  Regiment of the Line (Constant Moreau)    3’43
13. March of the 20th Battalion Logistics (Eddy Geeraerts)    4’07
14. March of the Competence Centre of Material Resources (Eddy Geeraerts)  6’40
15. March of the Movement Control Group ((Fernand Ruelle)    4’04
16. March of the Royal Non-Commissioned Officers School (Alain Crepin)  3’01
17.  March of the 1st Wing “Falcon and Wolf” (Alain Crepin)    5’18
18. March of the Belgian Medical Service Corps (René Deceuninck/Alain Crepin) 3’28
19. March of the Belgian Deminers (Maurice Motte)      3’31
Total time: 77’22