500.168 WWM
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Muziek gecomponeerd door Hardy Mertens, gespeeld door diverse harmonieorkesten tijdens WMC.

1.  Zodiac limit for the lion (WMC 1989) 11:26
based on a science fiction story by the composer
Bromley Youth Concert Band (UK) conducted by Peter MAWSON

2. The butterfly lovers (WMC 2009) 17:00
based on musical themes and interpretation of the legend by Sanna SEVERINS
Mus’Art Wind Orchestra (SIN) conducted by Soh Hwa TAN
Soloist: Hui Ling KHOO (Erhu and narration)

3.  Milot le oelamin (Eternal words) (WMC 2005) 08:35
based on the Anne FRANK diary
Harmonie St. Caecilia Simpelveld (NL) conducted by Harry VORSELEN
Soloists: Kelly GOD (Soprano) and René PAGEN (French horn)

4. In memoriam il sorriso (In memoriam the smile) (WMC 2009) 05:10
based on dialogues with Anna Maria GARBARINO
Banda Musicale Lao Silesu (I) conducted by Francesco PITTAU
Soloist: Cristina BELLU (Cello)

5.  Dreamscape (WMC 2005) 11:32
based on the composer’s repetitive dream
Harmonie Lentekrans Linne (NL) conducted by Roger NIESE
Soloist: Vincent COX (Grobbephone)

6. Demons’ dance (WMC 2009) 14:55
based on a poem by Stèphanie CREMERS and Kelsey WISS
Blasorchester Siebnen (CH) conducted by Tony KURMANN
Soloist: Martin ROOS (Alphorn)