2cd COLOURS - Symphonic Wind Orchestra St. Micheal Thorn

500.056 WWM
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Heinz Friesen, dirigent

Margareth Beunders - contralto, Eliane Rodriques - piano, Norbert Nozy - saxophone, The Brabant Choir

CD 1: 1. Capriccio espangnol (N. Rimsky-Korsakov/arr. Courtain); 2. Songs and Dances of Death (M. Mussorgsky/arr. Geert van Keulen): a. Lullaby, b. Serenade, c. Trepak, d. Commander in Chief; 3. The battle on the Ice (S. Prokofiev/arr. Jos van de Braak) (5th movement from the Cantate Alexander Nevsky)
CD 2: 1. Nights in the Gardens of Spain (M. de Falla): In the Generalife, b. Dance in the Distance, c. In the Gardens of the Sierra de Cordoba; 2. Concerto for saxophone and symphonic wind orchestra (I. Gotkovsky): a. Allegro con fuoco, b. Andante cantabile, c. Presto