500.017 WWM
  • Beschrijving

The Romanian Central Military Band
Lt-Col. I. Croitoru, Major C. Coman, conductors

1. The youth's march (Gh. Vulpe); 2. Round Dance (trad.); 3. Dance from Oas province (trad. from Maramures); 4. Dance for a couple (trad.); 5. The Navy's march (D. Eremia); 6. Moldavian geamparah (trad. from Moldavia); 7. The lively dance for girls (trad. from Oltenia); 8. The Band's Sound (H. Ardeleanu); 9. The turnaround from Saceni village (trad. from Oltenia); 10. Lively dance from Gorj province (trad. from Oltenia); 11. Sledge with bells (trad.); 12. Dance for a couple (trad.); 13. Skylark (trad. from Muntenia); 14. Anniversary March (C. Andreoiu); 15. Banateana (trad. from Banat); 16. Invirtita si hategana (trad.); 17. Romanian Pearls (trad.); 18. Victory (S. Paiu); 19. Steeped lively Moldavian dance (trad.); 20. The Banu's lively dance (trad.); 21. First and second round dance (trad.); 22. The Romanian Anthem (trad.)