BANDSTAND - Brass Band De Waldsang

500.063 WWM
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Rieks van der Velde, dirigent
1. Bells of Brass (P. Yoder); 2. The Young Recruit (M. Rayner); 3. Amsterdam Harbour (A.E. Kelly); 4. Margam Abbey (T.J. Powell); 5. BB and CF (J. Ord hume); 6. Thundercloud (T.J. Powell); 7. Arnhem (A.E. Kelly); 8. The Spacemen (T.J. Powell); 9. King Cotton (J.P. Sousa); 10. Cardiff Castle (T.J. Powell); 11. Fly over D (R. Newsome); 12. The President (W. German); 13. The Bombardier (T.J. Powell); 14. Bandstand (T.J. Powell); 15. Kiwi on Parade (Les Francis); 16. Ravenswood (W. Rimmer); 17. The Corcoran Cadets (J.P. Sousa)